The Amateur Astronomy Club of IISc was started late 1997. Membership is open to all students and faculty of IISc. As of now, what we do is meet on the Raman Building rooftop at night to look at the stars, as opposed to talking about black holes and the big bang ! We have more than a hundred  members so far of which some are listed ( rest will be put up soon...)

We have a lot of activities planned, subject to sky conditions. As the club is fairly small, we shall take it as it goes, but suggestions are more than welcome.  Putting a figure of a man digging the earth would be trite, but of course, this page is  very much under construction. 

A few useful 
links relevant to amateur astronomy.

Try the Fortnightly Astronomy  Quiz 6 and you could win cool posters of the milky way  and  other miscellanea !!  Last date for submission is 30th may, 2002

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