Miscellanea - Samithis & Sanghas

Kannada Sangha

Kannada Sangha is a forum at IISc aiming to promote the Kannada Language


Nityotsava is a student forum at IISc aiming to promote awareness about rich cultural heritage of Karnataka


Praharshini is a students forum of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, motivated by nationalism as construed by our venerable heritage that is time immemorial. It is a culutural wing of Prasthutha.


Prasthutha is a students forum of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, which aims at organising programmes that help in promoting nationalistic thinking amongst the scientific community.

Samskrita Sangha

Samskrita Sangha is a body of students interested in promoting Samskrta by conducting several workshops on the language itself and its rich literature. Several eminent scholars have been invited in the past to talk about various topics such "Indian Culture as projected by Samskrta poets", etc. Also, several literary events such as astaavadhanam, extempore poem composition, etc. have been conducted in past.

Tamil Peravai

Tamil Peravai in the Indian Institute of Science is an elite society of faculty, staff and students who are associated with Tamil, which operates as a forum for sharing and improving knowledge pertaining to language, culture and history of Tamils.