Chairperson – N.C. Shivaprakash


            The Centre for Counselling and Support was established on 8th January 2001. The Women’s Cell and the Complaints Committee for redressel of complaints of Sexual Harassment will be part of the Centre for Counselling and Support. The Centre was started its formal activities to address the grievances such as alcoholism, personal problems, family problems, educational support, support for staff children etc., The Centre has been of immense help to the Institute staff in solving all their problems. The current members of the committee that overseas the activities of the centre are the following :

N.C. Shivaprakash, IN– Chairman

H S Savithri, BC

K.B. Akilesh, MS

M.R. Seetharama Bhat, AE

Sandhya S Visveswaraiah, MRDG

N. Suryaprakash, NRC

L. Sharada, HC



To raise awareness amongst Institute community about social problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling through (i) arranging lectures, film shows, (ii) disseminating information through pamphlets. Posters, etc., and (iii) house to house visits by social workers.

To provide counseling to the members who desire to be assisted in overcoming problems like alcoholism, indebtedness, etc.

To provide counseling to the needy about managing finances efficiently.

To provide counseling to the parents / children on education and related issues.


Organized interaction programme for under privileged “Parikrama” children of Bangalore slums.

Organized Physics Learning Camp for talented graduate students drawn from all the districts of Karnataka State.

Training in Basic English Communication for Group B, C & D employees.

Training programme on Computers to B, C & D Group employees.

Summer camp organized in collaboration with M/s. IBM on creating an aero plane model, lean mathematics through music & creating animated movies.

Counselling was offered to employees, dependents of employees for their problems. A few cases referred by Establishment section were also councelled.

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation,  Clapping & laughter therapy classes  for the faculty, students  & staff  are conducting on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays between 1 to 2 pm by Mr. B.S. Sekaran.

Shorthand classes for the employee dependents & employees.

Tailoring & Embroidery classes for the employee dependents & employees.

Human Resources Management workshop organized for employees, students and faculties for 3 days duration in collaboration with Human Resources Management, Thirupathur.

Lecture series on Counselling



To provide counseling about various health issues which are of concern to the Institute community.


Organized Guidance Classes for the children studying from 10th standard to 12th standard to improve their educational standard.

Organized CET Classes every year for 12th standard / II Year PUC.

Organized ARTS & CRAFTS training for staff dependents on various programme.

Organized Income Generation Programme for dependents/spouses of employees to supplements their family incomes.

Counselled members on domestic problems, disciplinary cases, indebtedness, alcoholism etc.

Organized lectures/seminars by eminent personalities on various topics to help employees, their families and children.

A series of centenary guest lectures on various aspects of health are organized jointly by the CCS and the Health Centre.

Campaign programme for SBI Life Insurance Schemes / Health Insurance Scheme – CRITI-09.

Arranged Children Science Congress for young talented students from rural Navodaya Vidyalaya Schools.



Chairperson – H.S. Savithri

            Women’s cell is a part of the Centre for Counselling & Support is constituted to address specific issues concerning women. The current members of committee that overseas the activities are the following:

H S Savithri, BC - Chairperson

N.C. Shivaprakash, IN – Convener

Rohini M Godbole, CHEP

A.G. Menon, IN

L. Sharada, HC

Representative of Ladies Club

Representative of Students Council


 As a welfare measure to women employees, it was planned to educate the women to SSLC if their qualifications were lesser than SSLC. Details of qualifications of women employees were sought.


 Prof. Nalini Dwarakanath, of SBM Jain College, has been employed as a Counselor. She is available twice a week, for half a day each, in the afternoons, of Thursdays & Fridays. Many staff and students have already availed her services.  Prepared & displayed Counseling banners at Students Hostel, Tea Board and Health Centre.


  • Lectures / Workshops organized to address issues concerning women.
  • Tailoring & Embroidery classes conducted regularly for women employees / dependents.
  • Complaints specific to women issues addressed.


Chairperson – H.S. Savithri


       Sexual Harassment Complaints committee is a part of the Centre for Counselling & Support is constituted for redressal of complaints of sexual harassment.


The constitution of the SHCC is as follows:


H S Savithri, BC - Chairperson

N.C. Shivaprakash, IN – Convener

Lawrence Jenkins, EE

P.K. Das, IPC

A.G. Menon, IN

Reene M Borges, CES

Anjali Anoop Karande, BC

Hemalatha Mahishi, Distinguished Advocate

Uma Chandran, Purchase  Section


         In accordance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s decision in the Vishaka Case, a Sexual Harassment Complaint Committee (SHCC) was constituted in April 2003. The Institute has a very clear policy based on the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court on what constitutes sexual harassment. IISc considers itself responsible for the well-being of all its students and staff. Sexual harassment of any kind constitutes an action unbecoming of a student/staff member of the Institute and will attract appropriate disciplinary action.

What is sexual harassment? 

Any unwelcome sexually motivated behaviour such as :

(i) physical contact and advances,

 (ii) demands or requests for sexual favours,

(iii) sexually coloured remarks,

(iv) showing pornography,

(v) any other unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal (including e-mails, SMSs, etc) conduct of sexual nature.

Lodging a complaint. 

Complaints can be made verbally, through email, or in a letter to any member of the Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee (SHCC), to the Women’s Committee, or to any member of the IISc faculty. Complaints can be made by the person facing harassment or even by a third party.


Complaint redressal

The SHCC on receiving a complaint constitutes an enquiry committee which makes enquiries and recommends further action within a stipulated time. The SHCC then forwards this to the Director, IISc, who acts upon the recommendations. The SHCC is required to make a report of each complaint received and the action taken to the National Commission for Women within a year.

Safeguards to protect the complaint.

SHCC guarantees anonymity of complainants and all persons involved. All complaints will be handled  with equal seriousness irrespective of the positions held by the persons involved. In view of the complicated nature of sexual harassment, complaints will be considered even when it is difficult or impossible to provide concrete evidence.