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Table Tennis Club
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 Shruti kulkarni
 Abhiram DR
 Departmentmanagement studies
 Aerospace Engg


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 ttclub.iisc [at] gmail.com
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Table Tennis Tournament 2011

Update [Oct. 10]







 Fixtures for Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Interdepartmental (Men's) will be disclosed later.

The Women's Interdepartmental event has been cancelled due to insufficient number of participants.

The guidelines for the tournament:

- All matches will be conducted in Badminton cum TT Hall, Gymkhana, IISc.
- All matches will be played according to TTFI rules.
- Please be strict to timings of matches. In case of absence of a player at scheduled timings without a prior notice, opponent will get by for the next level.
- For any conflicts regarding timings, please feel free to contact organizers.
- Tables available at TT Hall, 1st floor, Gymkhana can be used as practice tables.
- All other necessary information regarding matches will be given on the spot.


tt2011  Table Tennis club, Gymkhana is organizing "Table Tennis tournament'11" from 12th October.

  We welcome all the Gymkhana Members to participate in this upcoming event.

  The details of the tournament are given as follows,

 Event Categories:

 (1) Singles Open
     i) Men's Beginners
     ii) Men's Seniors
     iii) Women's Singles
 (2) Doubles Open
     i) Men's Doubles
     ii) Women's Doubles
     iii) Mixed Doubles
 (3) Interdepartmental (A team of 3 players per department)
     i) Men's Singles
     ii) Women's Singles
 Venue: Badminton Hall and Table Tennis Hall (1st floor ) Gymkhana

 Kindly send your entries to
ttclub.iisc[at]gmail.com in the following format,

 (1)Subject : Registration for TT Tournament'11

 (2)Mail Body: Event: Participant's name: Department: Email: Contact no.


*For participation in 'Doubles' and 'Mixed Doubles' categories, repeat the above section with partner's details.
**For participation in more than one events, repeat the above section again in the mail body.
***For the participation in INTERDEPARTMENTAL EVENT, send a separate mail with the same details (Only individual's).

DEADLINE of Registration: October 5th, 2011


1. Once the registration process is over, each player will be notified with the fixtures, match schedule and further guidelines.

2. In order to make it easy for the participants to form the department team, the well arranged details of all entries in the interdepartmental event will be send to each participant. Further they have to decide the department team amongst themselves.

Contacts: For any queries and information please contact,

Divyanshu Joshi

contact: divyanshu[at]cpdm.iisc.ernet.in (9945668897)

Kunal Patil

contact: kdp[at]mecheng.iisc.ernet.in (9945050118)

Prabu Chandran K.J

contact: prabu.kj[at]csa.iisc.ernet.in (9901100441)


Table Tennis Tournament 2010


5 TT tables in gymkhana.
2 on the 1st floor meant primarily to encourage new students to take up the sport.
3 tables on the ground floor are extensively used by our student community already acquainted with the sport.
All gymkhana members are provided with TT rackets and balls to play (upon ID card production).


One of highlight of the sporting calendar is the annual TT tournament organized by the club.
Last year events were organized in two broad categories: Beginners and Seniors.
The event included Men’s singles and doubles, Women’s singles and doubles competition.
Mixed doubles events were accorded an overwhelming audience response.

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