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Welcome to IISc Gymkhana

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Would you like to wander under the sky leaving your watch at home?

Do you want to experience how slowly you can go and how much you can notice?

Let us not disdain earthly things, stop judging little of what is in the world. We invite you to explore the most spectacular natural wonders around us.

Nature Club - a co-curricular activity with a mission. As a co-curricular activity, it offers opportunities to learn, to develop skills, use talents and have fun. As a mission it attempts to get the uninitiated to enjoy and care for nature, it attempts to spread awareness about the environment and undertake activities to nurture and help the environment regenerate.

We will give you the experience of trekking, hiking, rock climbing, photography, ornithology anything close to nature through various programs. We are open to anyone who is interested regardless of experience.

Each of our program is awakening, an exploration in the unknown areas. You experience the call of the wild.  Our commitment is to maintain and preserve the lands and waterways while introducing you to a single, self-reliant, low impact lifestyle.

The Nature Club while having strongly committed to conservation believes that the fun element is necessary to have meaningful and sustained contribution by the students to the conservation efforts.

Objectives of Nature Club

  • To promote interest and knowledge about wildlife, forests and the environment among us.
  • To foster concern to protect the fauna and flora and undisturbed examples of the state's natural heritage.
  • To increase awareness of the economic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values of fauna and flora.
  • To provide opportunities to acquire attitudes, values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment.

Facilities provided by Nature Club

Most of the gear required for trekking purposes, like tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks and other accessories.
Nature Club facilities are provided to Gymkhana members on request without any charge. To use any of the nature club gear, please contact the convenor for more details. If convenor is not available, one can contact the Sports Officer at Gymkhana Office.


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