Faculty Corner


IISc Alumni Portal:

At the Global Alumni Conference in 2015, IISc launched an official alumni portal to help alumni re-connect with each other and with the Institute. This multi-faceted, dynamic portal allows alumni to search for and network with other alumni globally, receive latest updates on IISc and alumni news and events, post jobs/internships, share campus stories and photographs, and many more! The website is accessible at

Registration for the alumni portal is free and open to all alumni who have graduated from IISc degree programmes. To register using email address, Linkedin or Facebook, please visit: http://www.alumni.iisc.ernet.in/login.

The Office of Development and Alumni Affairs (ODAA)

The Office of Development and Alumni Affairs (ODAA) is an official unit of IISc that focuses on building a vibrant ecosystem of key stakeholders (industries, individuals and alumni) who seek to support the Institute’s mission. The Office focuses on developing Industry-Institute partnerships as well as alumni and philanthropist-funded programmes. In addition, the Office will work with IISc's Alumni Associations to support various alumni-related activities and alumni engagement programmes.
The Office has launched a new alumni networking and engagement portal to connect IISc alumni with one another and with the Institute. The website can be accessed at: alumni.iisc.ernet.in.

IISc Alumni Association

The IISc Alumni Association is a registered society with the objective of enrolling all alumni/alumnae as members of the association and facilitating active participation of the alumni/alumnae in appropriate activities, events, and initiatives of the Institute. The Alumni Association is now setting up chapters in major cities and regions.

Procedure for obtaining official transcripts

This provides a simple algorithm for the alumni to obtain official transcripts from the Institute.