I Division of biological Sciences

Preface 1

Integrated Ph D Programmme in Biological Sciences DB 2

Biochemistry BC 5

Ecological Sciences EC 7

Microbiology and Cell Biology MC 9

Molecular Biophysics MB 11

Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics RD 14

Neuroscience NS 15



II Division of Chemical Sciences

Preface 17

Integrated Ph D programme in Chemical Sciences CD 18

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry IP 22

Material Research MR 25

Organic Chemistry OC 27

Solid State and Structural Chemistry SS 28



III Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Preface 29

Instrumentation and Applied Physics IN 30

Mathematics MA 36

Physics and Integrated Ph D in Physical Science PH 43

Astronomy and Astrophysics AA 51

High Energy Physics HE 53


IV Division of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Preface 55

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences AS 56

Civil Engineering CE 61

Earth Sciences ES 76

Management Studies MG 78

Foreign Language FL 84

Sustainable Technologies ST 85





V Division of Electrical Sciences

Preface 89

Core requirements for M E/ M Tech Degree Programme

M E Degree Computer Science and Engineering 90

M E Degree Telecommunications 91

M E Degree Signal Processing 92

M E Degree Microelectronics Systems 93

M E Degree Electrical Engineering 94

M E Degree Systems Science and Automation 95

M Tech Degree Electronics Design and Technology 96

Computer Science and Automation E0 97

Intelligent Systems and Automation E1 106

Communication Systems E2 109

Electronic Devices, Circuits and Technology E3 113

Power Energy Systems E4 118

High Voltage and Insulation Systems E5 120

Power Electronics and Drives E6 123

Photonic Device, Circuits and Systems E7 125

Electromagnetics, Microwaves and Antennas E8 127

Signal Processing, Acoustics and Bioengineering E9 128

Dissertation Project EP 132



VI Division of Mechanical Sciences

Preface 133

Aerospace Engineering AE 134

Chemical Engineering CH 149

Mechanical Engineering ME 153

Product Design and Manufacturing PD 162

Material Engineering MT 166



VII Centre

Super Computer Education and Research SE 172