Divisions Mathematical - and Physical

The Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is one of the six divisions of the Institute. It comprises of the Department of Physics, Department of Instrumentation, Department of Mathematics, Centre for High Energy Physics and Centre for Cryogenic Technology.

The Department of Physics was founded in 1933 by Professor C V Raman. It originally established itself as an international centre for research in Optics & Spectroscopy. It is now carrying out research in the broad areas of condensed matter physics and biocrystallography. It also has an inter-institutional programme in Astronomy and Astrophysics. It is recognized as a centre for advanced study.

The Department of Instrumentation specialises in electronic instrumentation,thin film devices and optical instrumentation. It has catered to the needs of industries in a large measures. The film coatings developed by the department have been used in defence, aircraft and even in tribological devices such as watches.

The Centre for Cryogenic Technology operates to provides liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to all users in the Institute and outside. The facility has a unique record of providing cryogenic support for superconducting magnets which have been kept in persistant mode for a record time in the country. It also has taken up technological projects such as transfer coupling for superconducting generator, development of cryogenic container etc.

The Centre for High Energy Physics came into existence in 2004. The members of this Centre carry out research on different areas in theoretical high energy physics, quantum field theory and mathematical physics. The faculty members teach courses as part of the Integrated Ph.D. programme (which is run jointly by the Physics Department and CHEP) and the regular Ph.D. programme.

The Department of Mathematics carries out research & teaching in all areas of pure and applied mathematics such as Algebra, Topology, Nonlinear Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Functional Theory etc. It also conducts the Mathematics Olympiad Programme.