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Divisions - Electrical

The Division of Electrical Sciences represents pioneering activity by the Institute from its beginning years. The activity started with a single department, the Department of Electrical Technology in 1911 and has now expanded to four departments and a centre. For many years, the Institute was the sole institution providing advanced instruction and research facilities in the field. The Division continues to maintain leadership in a wide spectrum of research areas as well as in postgraduate education. The Division has over 500 students working towards Master's and Ph.D degrees and has nearly 100 faculty members involved in research and teaching activities.

The Division is broadly concerned with Computer Science and Engineering, Power Engineering, Communication Engineering and Electronics. The areas of interest include Computer Systems and Software, Intelligent Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Systems Science, Optical, Microwave, Mobile and Computer Communication, Signal Processing, Bioengineering, Microelectronics, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Breakdown Studies, Lighting Phenomena, Photovoltaics, Packaging and Production of Electronic Equipment, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Industrial Design.

The Division is carrying our sponsored research projects of interest to many agencies such as DST, DOE, MHRD, DRDO. Some of these are the following:

  • Image Processing and Feature Extraction
  • Micropricessor based Arrhythmia System
  • Retinal Neural Networks
  • Diffraction Tomography for Imaging in Oceans
  • Education and Research in Computer Networking
  • Keyword Spotting in continuous speech
  • Computer-aided Rapid Prototyping
  • Reliability of Automated Manufacturing Systems
  • Assessment of Lightning-Aircraft Interaction

The Division has close links with the industry and is involved in design and development which is of interest to Power Systems and Utilities, Communications, Computer Software and the Electronics Industry. Consultancy projects in all these areas are in progress. Laboratory facilities exist in the Division for investigations in several areas. Some of these are the following:

  • Computer-controlled multimachine power system
  • Interactive digital image processing
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Speech processing
  • Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
  • Thick and thin film hybrid circuits
  • Computer communication networks
  • Integrated optics
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • High voltage engineering