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Divisions - Chemical

Chemistry is central science impinging on almost all aspects of our daily lives. The Division of Chemical has a long and rich tradition of research right from the inception of the Institute and has played a major role in the advancement of Chemical Sciences and Technology in the country for many decades. The Division consists of four Departments and a Centre of Excellence supported by CSIR and a Sophisticated Instruments Facility which houses high-field NMR spectrometers and an electron microscope. The research activities of the Division encompass all aspects of modern inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical and solid state chemistry as well as materials science. The Division has on its roll more than 45 faculty members and more than 180 research scholars and post-doctoral fellows. Annually more than 150 research papers are published by the faculty.

Pioneering work has been carried out by the faculty of the Division on Surface Chemistry, Synthesis and Physical Properties of Novel Inorganic Solids, Nonometal Chemistry, Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry, Natural Products, Macromolecular Chemistry and Experimental and Theroretical Electrochemistry. The Division has the best Surface Science Laboratory in the country and has facilities to carry out photoelectron spectroscopy, Auger spectroscopy, Electron energy loss spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy. Close interactions between experimental and theoretical activities have enriched both and have resulted in understanding of several molecular and solid state phenomena.

In addition to significant contributions to fundamental research, important contributions have emerged in a number of applied areas leading to transfer of technologies such as manufacture of electronic-grade silicon and silicon-based materials, luminescent phosphors and ceramics for electronics and design of drug molecules.

Current research activity is focussed on several frontier and interdisciplenary areas such as Laser Spectroscopy, Chemical Dynamics, Organometallics, Functional Polymers, Supramolecular Chemistry, Smart Materials and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Fundamental investigations in these areas would enable the faculty of the Division not only to be at the forefront of international arena in these emerging areas but also to generate projects which have considerable application potential.