Divisions - Biological

The Division of Biological Sciences at the Institute is engaged in frontline research at the frontiers of modern biology. It encompasses three major departments,four smaller Centres and three facilities and has on its rolls more than fifty faculty members and about 300 research scholars and post doctoral fellows. The scientists in the Division deal with almost all aspects of modern biology: molecular biology,structural biology, immunology, enzymology,reproductive and developmental biology,ecological and environmental studies and so on. The methods employed in these investigations include genetic engineering, immunological techniques, PCR, spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, electron-microscopy, bioinformatics and computer modeling.

The Biological sciences Division at the Institute has been for decades known as an internationally recognized Centre for fundamental modern biological rch. In recent years, useful applications of the research is receiving increased attention. The general current strategy is to carry out excellent fundamental research and to vigorously pursue the applications that flow from it. Currently, the scientists in the Division are in the process of collectively orchestrating most of their efforts under the following three broad areas with considerable application potential. They are:

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Drug and Molecular Design
  • Gene Targetting,Genetic Disorders and Genetic Diversity

Through these efforts, the scientists in the Division are committed to continue to carry out excellent biological research and also address real life problems such as those involving tuberculosis,malaria,diarrhoeal diseases,and disorders of various kinds.